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Our Recommendations
Seven Havens to Dine in Pak Kret.

Seven havens to dine in Pak Kret.


Pak Kret of Nonthaburi is a place for foodies. There are old shops around the corners that have served costumers for decades and the next generations inherit their heritage. A varied cuisine makes it a delicious destination. Listed below are seven restaurants in Pak Kret that are worth a visit.


Hong Seng Pochana

The old-fashioned restaurant has been in business for more than 60 years, though it is probably not appealing to those who are looking for a formal dining experience. Set in a riverside wooden house, the local restaurant offers a simple atmosphere and panoramic river views. Hong Seng is known for the freshwater catches from the river. Get served full flavored spicy dishes cooked in local style.


Khan Rua

Situated by the river with nice view, the restaurant specializes in grilled freshwater prawns which is the signature dish here. Tom Yam Kung and the spicy stir-fried New Zealand Green Mussel are also recommended. It is guaranteed that all dishes are fresh and tasty.


Phai Thong Beef Noodle

It is located in a deep soi but worthwhile to find. With business experience over 40 years, the noodle shop in a shophouse simply tempts beef lovers with tender beef and delicious soup.


Ban Mon Klang Nam

Ban Mon Klang Nam is another place where you can relax, overlooking the river and enjoy local specialties. The riverside restaurant serves Thai and Mon cuisines. The signature dishes here are Kaeng Som Mon, which is a sour spicy curry soup, grilled prawns, Mee Krob and fish cake. If you want to try authentic Mon food, this is a place to be.


Krua Pi Nun

Krua Pi Nun restaurant is equipped with simple decoration. It is popular for its spicy cuisine from the South of Thailand. It can be considered as the best southern food restaurant in the area. You can try yellow curry with fish, rice noodle, or the signature dish: stir-fried pork with lemongrass and black pepper.


Tara Rerng Rom

Located on the western side of the Chao Phraya River, Tara Rerng Rom is an excellent place for fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere by the river. Acoustic live music keeps you entertained. Once again, grilled river prawns in large size are the popular menu. In addition, delicious Thai cuisine such as deep fried sea bass with sweet sauce and various spicy salads is served.


River Wine

A bit far from the other places, the stylish restaurant distinguished by its moder atmosphere with stylish decoration and a light river breeze. The restaurant Red Wine serves Thai and western menus with some variations such as salmon with spicy seafood sauce, Tom Yam Goong, giant-sized grilled river prawn, steak, fried rice with crab meat as well as wide selection of drinks.


How to get there: Pak Kret in Nonthaburi is located 25 km north of Bangkok, accessible via highway 306 and 304. Chao Phrara Express Boat operates daily services from Bangkok to Koh Kret.