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Rice sausage and seasoned fish: an ancient cuisine from Nang Loeng Market

Rice sausage and seasoned fish: an ancient cuisine from Nang Loeng Market


The old enclave of Bangkok’s Nang Loeng Market is a veritable food galore.

Among a selection of delicious Thai dishes, the dish called Saikrok Planaem can be the reason to visit this historic market place.

This lesser-known snack is actually a traditional cuisine that was made over two centuries ago. The rice and pork sausage are served with an accompanying mixture of snakehead fish meat crumbs, seasoning and herbs. It is topped with pickled garlic, roasted peanut, red onion and served with side dish of the fresh lettuce. Scrumptious and flavorful, the sausage tastes sweet and sour while the fish crumbs give a good scent. Add some kick to this rare dish with a bite of fresh chili and you will know its true delicacy.

The enclave of Nang Loeng has historically been known for a diversity of residents from many countries including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. That is probably why the market offers unique specialties rarely found in other parts of the city.

Ya Chaem‘s Kanom Bueang Yuan is an example of the Vietnamese legacy here. The Vietnamese savory crepe in Thai version becomes a traditional snack. A pan size thin deep-fried crepe is stuffed with shredded coconut, roasted peanuts, shrimp, salted radish and fried tofu. Nang Loeng Braised Beef serves outstanding braised pork and unique Chinese-style curries. Do not miss to taste the braised pork tongue.

Khao Gaeng Rattana offers a selection of Thai curries, served with rice like the Khao Kluk Kapi summertime medley of shrimp-pasted-infused rice with mango, onions, omelet, Chinese sausage and more.


How to get there: Nang Loeng Market is located on Nakhon Sawan Road. Take the BTS to Ratchathewi Station, then get a taxi for a short ride. The market is just minutes away.




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