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Phu Soi Dao: Starry night on the cold mountain

Phu Soi Dao: a starry night on cold mountain


In daylight, Phu Soi Dao is quite scenic. But in the dark night, the mountain turns to be exceptionally enchanting.

When night falls, the clear sky above the meadow of Phu Soi Dao National Park, will turn into a vast stage for glowing stars. From a handful of bright stars appearing during the twilight, hundreds of them will follow right away when the stage is wide open. The Milky Way shows up at late night stretching across the sky to simply fascinate stargazers.

Unique shape of pine trees that scatter the meadow has created a majestic silhouette foreground while constellations slowly appeared on the vast sky. Definitely, it will be another unforgettable starry night in wilderness for nature lovers.

From November to January, when the steep trail is dry and safe for hiking, the park allows trekkers to explore Phu Soi Dao, the country's fourth highest peak standing at nearly 6,900 feet above the sea level. Trekkers love to struggle to the peak to spend a cold night there and waken to appreciate panoramic vista of lush mountains.

Cover 1,200 acres, the mountaintop meadow of Phu Soi Dao National Park, in Uttaradit Province, offers a fascinating view with pine tree scattering at an elevation of 5,300 feet above the sea level. During the rainy season, the grassland will display a riot of colors when the charming Ngon Nak (Murdannia giganteum) and many other wildflowers are in full bloom. The morning mist lingering above the green meadow creates a dreamy atmosphere.

How to get there: Phu Soi Dao National Park is located in Nam Pat District Uttaradit Province. The park is 338 miles from Bangkok via highway 1237. [Star Trails at Phu Soi Dao, in Uttaradit Thailand.]