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Phu Chom Lao: The great viewpoint of two countries

Phu Chom Lao: A great view of two countries


The new landmark of Loei, Phu Chom Lao reveals the natural beauty of picturesque mountains.

At dawn, the remote peak at a stone's throw from Thailand-Lao border turns vibrant with crowd coming for an impressive sunrise scenery. In the lush valley with the backdrop of rugged mountains, the morning fog is churning above the peaceful countryside of both Thailand and Lao.

While enjoying the panoramic scenery of the two countries, you can sit back at bamboo gazebos and taste local breakfast like “Khao Ji” or grilled sticky rice and roasted banana from food stalls at the mountaintop.

When the fog fades away, the sunshine penetrates through peaceful land down below and shows Laos' Kenthao in Sayaboury, the slow-flowing Huang River and Thailand's Ban Na Kraseng, in the Tha Li district of Loei Province.

Exploring the towns seen from Phu Chom Lao sounds interesting. The quiet village of Kenthao is home to friendly Laotians, old wooden houses, and the 600-years-old Wat Si Phum. You will be absolutely impressed with great faith in Buddhism through folk art that adorns the whole temple.

In Thailand, the outlying area of Tha Li emanates the vibes of tranquility. Old wooden houses on stilts line up quiet lanes while farmers roaming on their local style tractors. For your fortune, climb up the Naga stair at Wat Lad Pu, and pay homage to Phra That Sajja, the stupa built in the same design to the legendary Phra That Phanom.


How to get there: Tha Li district of Loei is 334 miles north of Bangkok via highway 21. Transfer service to Phu Chom Lao by local style tractors is available at the mountain foot, at 200 baht per trip for five passengers. For more information about attractions in Loei, call the TAT Loei Office at 042-812-812.