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Phi Phi sunrise tour : an ultimate experience

Phi Phi sunrise tour: An ultimate experience


Without ferries or speed boats, the calm sea which is as smooth as glass. It may be a bit difficult to imagine such picture in Phuket or Krabi which are really famous tourist destinations of the south and mostly crowded. But a picture like this can still exist. To higher your chances, just get up very early in the morning and get on board of a boat to do the Phi Phi sunrise tour. While most speedboats are leaving later at day, fishermen are already on their long tailed boat and work with the net, collecting their catches of the day.
You can comfortably ride the speed boat, witnessing the peaceful side Andaman Sea before it wakes up, and bath the first sunray of the day on the way to Phi Phi Leh Island. Being one of the first, the beaches of the famous Maya Bay, well known from the movie “The Beach”, are not crowded.

Rich with vertical cliffs rising from turquoise colored water, Phi Phi Leh is an uninhabited island and a famous day trip destination for sea lovers. Exploring the island in early morning allows you to witness its real beauty, spending good time on empty beaches and swimming above colorful coral reefs. Trek to Loh Sama Bay, at the south side of the island to swim among beautiful coral and tropical fish is also a good idea.

Pi Leh Bay is one of the most impressive sites. A hidden shallow bay in the embrace of vertical cliffs where you can spend moments at a small beach. The Phi Phi Sunrise Tour allows you to explore Phi Phi when it is really calm and beautiful before the arrival of the crowds.

How to get there: Many tour operators provide a Phi Phi Sunrise Tour, which includes hotel transfers, the cruise itself, meals and drinks. The program normally takes 7-8 hours on the water.