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Pang Ung : romantic retreat in the embrace of mountains

Romantic retreat in the embrace of mountains


The picturesque reservoir is as clear as crystal. Beautiful backdrop of the mountains and thin mist in the morning make it a dream like scene that impresses everyone who have visited. Hidden in a scenic valley filled with verdant pine forest, Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son, is a real haven for those who love to stay among natures.

A short drive from downtown Mae Hong Son, Pang Ung is very relaxing places in town. Honored as one of the most beautiful areas in the north, it is sometime called “Switzerland in Thailand”. Its romance is added with renowned black swans and white swans, which are gift from Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit. The swans make their ways through the smooth water, greeting visitors, inviting them to laze and relax.

Actually, Pang Ung’s easy atmosphere also makes it a perfect retreat. People love to linger around the lake and spending their lovely moments, walking or jogging, rafting and sightseeing, rowing boat and enjoying camping among mountain pine forests.

Pang Ung’s reservoir is part of the Pang Tong Royal Development Project by the King’s Initiative. The project substitute opium plantation, and support local hill tribes by offerings new crops like avocado, persimmon, Chinese pear and Chinese bayberry.

In early morning of cold season, the reservoir is covered with hazy fog. The temperature sometimes drops to zero, and frost begins to cover flowers and vegetable around the reservoir.

Visit this romantic reservoir once, and you will never forget it.


How to get there : Pang Tong Royal Development Project is situated at Ban Ruam Thai, some 27 miles from downtown Mae Hong Son, via Pha Sua Falls.

The reservoir can accept 500 tourists a day. Contact 053-611-244 or 085-618-3303