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Pang Sawan: a simple weir but amazing photo opportunity

Pang Sawan: a simple weir that offers amazing photo opportunity


Situated among a vast sugarcane plantation in Ban Rai District of Uthai Thani Province, Pang Sawan weir amazingly lures a number of visitors to take photos.

Pang Sawan is just a simple concrete weir with u-shaped walls. During the rainy season, the overflow forms lively white curtains of water. When combining with lush greeneries, faraway mountains and meadow, the weir is an excellent backdrop for a great photo opportunity.

Definitely, visitors can soak up the weir. Some bikers find it a nice pit stop to cool down after a long biking trip.

The outlying Ban Rai District of Uthai Thani Province houses many attractions.

Wat Tham Khao Wong showcases a fabulous Thai-style architecture. Leaning against the hill, this temple comprises many Thai traditional buildings and gazeboes situated on a slope. Adorned with landscaped garden, the temple is perfectly embraced by limestone mountain ranges.

The amazing scenery of Hoop Pa Thad also makes Ban Rai an extraordinary unseen destination. The isolated valley has distinctive natural features such as enormous caves and a jungle rain forest with a wealth of flora. Gigantic palms, historic species of plants, as well as high cliff walls offer the subtle vibes of prehistoric time, making you feel like travelling back in time to the age of the dinosaurs.

After the long day of exploring Ban Rai, completing your day out and relaxing at Smore Thong Hot Spring will definitely be an excellent reward.


How to get there: Ban Rai District of Uthai Thani Province is 151 miles from Bangkok via highway 333.