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Natural remedy from Suwan Bee Farm

Natural Remedy from Suwan Bee Farm


Among Nong Bua Lamphu's best OTOP products, honey Suwan Bee Farm stands out with its pure natural ingredients.

Prepare to be amazed by a wide selection of bee-based merchandises. Suwan Bee Farm offers pure bee honey, as well as bee pollen and bee wax.

Bee pollen is male seeds of a flower blossom which was collected by honeybees mixed with the bees' digestive enzymes. Rich in proteins, amino acids, and vitamins, bee pollen is a popular tonic among athletes and sportsmen to rejuvenate body and enhance vitality.

Bee wax is a natural secretion from wax glands on the sides of honey bees’ body. It is used primarily as a building block for honeycomb. The uses of beeswax are found in numerous products including skin care products and candles.

The farm also offers honeycomb, royal jelly, honey soap, honey lemon juice as well as bee queens and bees. The natural honey from Suwan Bee Farm won a 5-star OTOP award in 2016.

After visiting the farm in Sri Boon Ruang District, you can take a side trip to Phu Kao–Phu Phan Kham National Park. Situated in the adjacent Nong Sang District, the park is home to a few caves such as Tham Palan Hai, Tham Muem and Tham Rakha Khanit, which house prehistoric cave paintings that dating back to 3,500 years ago.

Cruise in the nearby vast reservoir of Ubonratana Dam or golfing among well-maintained scenic courses can make your day even more special.

How to get there: Nong Bua Lamphu is 332 miles from Bangkok via highway 2 and 201. Suwan Bee Farm, in Sri Boonruang District, can be reached at 08-1723-9522, 08-6227-7511. For more information about Phu Koa Phu Phan Kam National Park, contact 081-221 0764.