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Kudeechin : The Portugal heritages in Siam

Kudeechin: The Portugal heritages in Siam


The Portuguese heritage is well hidden in the peaceful part of Kudeechin on the western shore of Chao Phraya River. Roam the small community and you will enjoy rare cuisines and architectural elements from the old days.

While strolling through the narrow streets, it is quite easy to find freshly baked cupcakes for sale in front of small houses. The fragrant cakes are topped with raisins and small pieces of dried fruits and have a crispy shell and a soft body.

They are called “Khanom Farang Kudeechin”, one of the old famous delicacies.

The cake actually came to Thailand via the Portuguese, who were in search of fruit and spices but stayed to help to fight against the Burmese during the 16th Century wars. After the fall of Ayutthaya, the Portuguese descendants settled in Thonburi and established the Santa Crus Catholic Church. To this day, many families hold on to the tradition and bake the delicious cakes.

If you want to immerse in Portuguese culture, Ban Sakul Thong is a nice place to try the cuisine. The small restaurant, inherited from ancestral culinary arts, serves Portuguese dishes. The famous menu is Kanom Chin (rice noodles) including gravy sauce with chicken meat.

A tour cannot be completed without visiting Santa Cruz Church and Baan Kudichin Museum, which tells interesting stories of the long relationship between Portugal and Siam and displays a wide collection of photos and tools from the early residents of the community.

The place is well known for Sappayak Bun, a Portuguese bun filled with mince pork, mixed curry and sliced potatoes. Enjoy the delicious treats with panoramic views of the river from the roof of the museum to make your day more memorable.


How to get there: Kudeechin Community is located across the Yodpiman River Walk. Take a ferry to Wat Kalayanamit from Rajinee Pier and take a short walk.

Baan Kudi Chin Museum is open from Tueday to Sunday from 9:30 to 18:00.