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Kim Yong Market: The shopping labyrinth

24 Kim Yong Market: The shopping labyrinth 


Hat Yai, a busy border town in Songkhla province is always bustling. However, the busiest pocket seems to be Kim Yong Market.

Situated right in the heart of the city, the decades old Kim Yong Market always keep the shoppers stunned with so great variety of merchandises, from clothes, groceries, fruits, dried foods, canned foods, appliance at prices lower than in the malls.  If you are a shopaholic, spare hours and a lot of cash before getting into the maze.

All shops allow the customer to try a bit of their food merchandises. Anyway, shoppers should check the expiry date, package, before making bargain.

Actually, the market comprises two sections, the indoors and the outdoors. The first section, in the building is a labyrinth of crowded outlets that line walkways on the both side. You will find dried products here namely clothes, appliances and dried food. Shoppers always dart here to practice their bargaining skill.

Meanwhile, the outdoor one is like an extension spilled into the roads. But it is a paradise for street food lovers. Chestnuts roasted in the pan full with heated sand, pan fried stuff, fresh fruits, local specialties. If you notice, you may find that merchandises offered here are rotated as well. The stuff offered in the morning are different from in the afternoon.

That is why millions of shopper keep coming here for never ending discovery.


How to get there: Blue bus leaves Hat Yai International Airport for Kim Yong Market regularly.