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Our Recommendations
Khok I Doi, wild stuff supermarket

Khok I Doi, the wild supermarket


On the roadside of Highway 358 between Sa Kaeo and Buriram, the local market of Khok I Doi turns vibrant and exciting, offering wild and local products for sale.

You will be amazed by a wide selection of wild and local products available according to seasons. Grilled crickets on sticks and different kinds of edible insects, local vegetables you may never heard of, freshly cut bamboo shoots, living frogs, and fermented fish, ant eggs and pupae. Moreover, a wide range of ready meals add more colors to the market.

Of course, these selection of food cannot be found in modern shop or supermarket. The unique products make the tiny market a pit stop for those looking for rare food for their dinners. Explore this small but exciting market, the products offered here may also ignite your cooking creativity.

After exploring the market, you can visit the impressive viewpoint of Pha Daeng, a short drive from the headquarters of Ta Phraya National Park. The panoramic landscape of lush forests and rugged mountains of Khao Prannut and Khao Sakae Krong always attract nature lovers to pit their tents here.

The National Park is Lalu, a small canyon created by heavy soil erosion. You will find yourself amidst another planet landscape of a red soil maze, consisting of cliff and towering plies. It is place with a great opportunity to take photos.


How to get there: Khok I Doi is located 315 kilometer east of Bangkok via Highway 33. Khok I Doi Market is right next to Highway 348, between Sa Kaeo’s Ta Phraya District and Buriram’s None Din Daeng District.