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Khao Kheow Night Safari: a fun after dark

Khao Kheow Night Safari: fun after dark


Khao Kheow Open Zoo has long been a favorite family's destination. After roaming the huge zoo during the day, you can also learn about the animals after dark as well at its "Night Safari."

When the night is falling, staff warm up the place with nocturnal animals show like bearcat and slow loris. When you got the ticket, the show will start in earnest.

The night safari tour transform the place completely. When all lights went out in the place, the tram crawls through the complete darkness. Equipped with a spotlight, veteran guides quietly access natural habitats of different creatures like Malayan tapir, elephant, zebra, giraffe and numerous bird species on the route about two miles long.

Amidst the mysterious vibe and chilly weather, you will discover that experiencing the jungle in the dark is far cry from visiting it during the day, particularly when you are in a tiger cage.

Covering a 2,000-acre area in Sri Racha District of Chon Buri, Khao Kheow Open Zoo is set among surrounded mountain and landscaped garden. The great green space is home to 8,000 animals of over 300 species. You will find yourself among the animal kingdom with a unique opportunity to learn about their nature.

The zoo features a considerable bird cage which keeps different pheasants, peacocks, and beautiful birds from overseas. The elephant’s swimming pool will surely delight you. Explore the Eld’s Deer enclosure and feed them with your own hand or being amazed by Wild Cats Park which is home to 48 species of wild cats from a different part of the world.

If you want new excitement, the adjacent Sri Racha Tiger Zoo can thrill you with many Bengal tigers. 


How to get there: Khao Kheow Open Zoo is 71 miles east of Bangkok, via highway 7. The admission is 250 baht per adult and 100 baht per kid.