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Kesorn Lamjiak: rare delicacy of the soft sweet roll

Kesorn Lamjiak: the rare delicacy of the soft sweet roll


The delicate pancake roll, Kesorn Lamjiak, may be misled as a Roti Saimai, but it is another kind of tasty sweet.

A local delicacy of Angthong province, Kesorn Lamjiak is actually a roasted pancake roll stuffed with candied coconut. The sticky rice flour, smoked with scented candle, is mixed with coconut milk, filtered, and poured into the hot pan to create a sheet like a pancake. When rolled, it will be stuffed with fragrant shredded candied coconut.

Served hot with tea or coffee, the sweet treat will make a delightful afternoon.

Lamjiak is the local name for Seashore Screwpine's flower (Pandanus odorifer (Forssk.) Kuntze) in full bloom. All parts of this plant, from leaves to roots, can be used to make utensils.

Song Nimit, a dessert shop in Talad Roy Pee in Viset Chaichan district of Angthong, is among the best places that serves such a wonderful dessert. The chewy pancake roll comes with soft and smooth taste and mildly sweet candied coconut.

Roam the market, and you will find yourself drifting through charming atmosphere of yesteryears. Chinese-descendant merchants here have managed to wonderfully maintain the nostalgic atmosphere of the century-old market, luring visitors with merchandises from the old days.

Then complete your tour by a visit to Wat Muang, one of the province’s famous landmark. You will be completely fulfilled if you witness the towering seated Buddha image, as tall as 300 feet, placed there. The temple's museum also features a huge collection of amulets and banknotes from different periods.

How to get there: Angthong is some 70 miles north of Bangkok via highway 32.