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Kaeng Kor Reservoir: Romantic tranquility

Kaeng Kor Reservoir: romantic tranquility


Hidden in the vast forest of the northern region, Kaeng Kor Reservoir, in Lamphun Province, gives a sense of utmost solitude amidst Thailand's natural beauty. If you want to hide away, this place is absolutely the right choice.

The reservoir is a result of the dam construction. After the completion of Bhumibol Dam, the Ping River was blocked and the water level has risen and stretched for 100 miles from Tak Province to Chiang Mai Province.

Set among mountainous scenery, Kaeng Kor Reservoir is located between Mae Ping Reservoir and Doi Tao Reservoir. Kaeng Kor is actually a name of rapids where Kor Stream met the Ping River. After the flooding, the fierce water has calmed down and formed a modest lagoon.

The picturesque reservoir is the main setting of a Thai film entitled “Teacher's Diary”, which was nominated to the 87th Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Film. The film tells the story of a male teacher who works in a remote school built on a rundown boathouse. The serenity and stunning beauty of the scene instantly make Kaeng Kor a famous place.

The modest school, or Ban Kor Judsan School, does exist and opens until now, but with one teacher looking after six classes. Stop by and you will be enchanted with this simple yet charming place, while letting romantic atmosphere from the film warming your heart.

Spend a night in the boathouse, and you will truly understand the meaning serenity. Far from hustle and bustle of the city, Kaeng Kor offers an absolute tranquility among romantic lake view and starry night in complete darkness.

Kor Luang Waterfall is a nice side trip. The fall cascades through seven steps before plunging into a 20-feet deep pool below. Limestone sediments from the water cover the rocks and turns the water into a bluish color.

If serenity and completely unspoiled nature is what you are searching, Kaeng Kor is probably the place to be.

How to get there: Kaeng Kor Reservoir is some 80 miles from Lamphun via highway 106 and 1087.