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Our Recommendations
Kaeng Hin Ngam and Had Chom Dao: amazing canyon at the easternmost edge.

Kaeng Hin Ngam and Had Chom Dao: amazing canyon at Thailand’s easternmost edge.


During the dry season when the water level in the Mekong River in Ubon Ratchathani province ebbs, the fantastic rock canyon of Kaeng Hin Ngam, marking the easternmost corner of Thailand, emerges above the water surface. According to the locals, trace the tremendous rocks, and you will find yourself a perfect site to watch Thailand’s majestic sky, both the dramatic sunrise and sunset scenery as well as the star-studded night sky.

For centuries, the river force has polished and sculpted the submerged rocks and magically created cavities. You could easily get carried away and lose an entire day roaming the rock landscape and smooth slopes along the river.

Explore the river rock reef, and you will also be amazed by various shapes of rock formation carved out by nature, from rock terrain with many gigantic holes to rock walls and steep cliff.

Colorful reflection from hundreds of water-filled holes on the rock terrain at Kaeng Hin Ngam offers a great photo opportunity when the sky changes its hues at dawn and dusk. The sandy beach of Had Chom Dao, meaning “the beach to enjoy the stars”, exudes a relaxing atmosphere. The peaceful river beach is steps away from the neighboring Laos.

Amidst such a picturesque atmosphere, the locals lay mats to sit on and enjoy an easy day out. Kaeng Hin Ngam and Had Chom Dao offer nature lovers a place to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere from November to May, until the arrival of the rainy season and all rocks are submerged again. 


How to get there: Kaeng Hin Ngam is situated in Ban None Tan, Na Tan District, some 70 miles north of Ubon Ratchathani Province via highway 2050. Ubon Ratchathani is 383 miles northeast of Bangkok.