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Hin Sam Wan: the amazing rocks of Bueng Kan

Hin Sam Wan: amazing rocks of Bueng Kan


Hold your laughter if anyone tells you that there are whales swimming through the lush canopy of Bueng Kan's wilderness until you witness it with your own eyes.

On the top Phu Singh Hill, of the Phu Singh Forest Park, rock formations lie among vast greeney. Their shapes resemble back of trio gigantic whales swimming towards the cliff edge and about to jump into vast forest below.

Surrounded by panoramic view, the 75-million-year rocks are a popular spot to catch the sunrise.

Another great viewpoint of Bueng Kan is Phu Thok, a 359-meter-high sandstone mountain which is a destination for many travelers exploring new experiences.

The network of wooden staircases and walkways built in, on, and around the gigantic sandstone outcrop of Phu Thok challenge visitors to hike seven different levels to reach the summit, just to be blown away by breathtaking scenery of surrounding countryside. The level 6 offers the best view of all. It requires more energy to climb up the thrilling path, grabbing tree roots and walk over muddy earth, to reach the summit at the level 7 where a temple is situated on.

With monk's huts scatter on the cliff edge and in caves, Phu Thok temple is a meditation hub as well as a venue for religious activities for the local communities.

After the climb, visitors may fancy a leisure cruise in Bueng Khong Long, Thailand’s second largest wetland. The massive reservoir is home to various rare plants and aquatic animals such as Mekong bumble-bee goby and migrating birds.

How to get there: Bueng Kan Province is 475 miles northeast of Bangkok via highway 2.