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Gaeng Tai Pla : Spice in the bottle

25 Gaeng Tai Pla : Spice in the bottle


Gaeng Tai Pla is a local specialty of southern Thailand. The people in the fishing community developed the dish to utilize fish guts rather than dumping them. The legendary hot dish is made of clean fish gut, blended with large amount of local spices. Today, it is a signature dish that mirrors the food character of the region.

To enjoy Gaeng Tai Pla, it is served with hot steamed rice and local fresh vegetable such as leaves of hog plum, cucumber, and sometime Thai-style omelet.

Popularity of Gaeng Tai Pla drives to the development of ready-to-use pasteurized pickled fish guts in bottle. The concentrated fish guts will be diluted, boiled and seasoned again. The fish guts in bottle allows the diners to enjoy the spicy dish though they are far from home.

Nowadays, dried seasoned fish guts is also available in glass bottle. The housewife of Thung Yae, Muang District of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province is one of the entrepreneurs that develop and carve the products. It is rated 5-star by the provincial OTOP.

All ingredient will be boiled, filtered, and fried with chili paste, chili, pepper, and palm sugar. Dried Tai Pla is added with deep fried anchovy, cashew nut, and chopped Kaffir Lime leaves. Just mixed with hot steamed rice, Dried Tai Pla can turn into a quick meal.

No preservatives added, Dried Tai Pla from Thung Yae can be kept for a two months period with good taste. With new modern package, now the local curry dish can travel with you around the globe.


House wife group of Thung Yae can be contact at 08-1476-5212.