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Five nice places to dine in Yala

Five nice places to dine in Yala


Yala is nestled in the southernmost corner of Thailand, but it is a surprisingly vibrant city. Moreover, there are a number of tasty eateries scattering around town. Below is a list of five places worthwhile to try Yala's best delicacies.

Kuay Jub Moo Krob (Hia Sui), Kochaseni 4 Road, off the Siroros Road.

One of the decades-old restaurants in Yala, this small noodle shop with handful number of tables is amazingly busy all day long, but its service remains excellent. The noodle comes with Palo soup that gives mild flavor with slightly peppery smell, and a bit salty crispy pork.

Lamoon Steak House, Siroroas Road

If steak is your choice, here is the place to be. The Lemon Steak House serves steak as well as Thai and Malay cuisines. Famous dishes include Kaeng Som Cha-om Khai (Sour Curry with Vegetable Omelette) and Kai Tod Nampla (Fried Chicken with Fish Sauce). Tuna Roti is also recommended.

Living Room Homemade Café, Sukhayang Road

With "Less is More" concept, this Japanese minimalist style café lures diners with fusion food, coffee, frappe and creative drinks like Lemongrass and pandan juice. Shrimp Tempura Salad and varieties of cakes are also popular here.

Thara Seafood, Pipit Phakdi Road

Though Yala is not a coastal town, there are few seafood restaurants and Thara is among the best. You will be amazed to find delicious seafood at bargaining prices here. Its signature dishes include roasted sea brass with herbs, garlic shrimp, fresh oyster, stir-fried Venus shell, and chili paste.

Roti Ha Yaek, Phang Muang 2 Road

The little shop is away from the main Siroros Road, but it is situated among numerous local eateries. The shop now turns into food courts as it serves wide varieties of dishes, ranging from roti, Mataba, satay, burger, somtam, Pad Thai, and noodle. It is the place where the locals love to hang around.

How to get there: Yala is 661 miles south of Bangkok, via highway 4.