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Dong Daeng Salad

Tam Dong Daeng


Somtam becomes Thailand’s national dish. Every kitchen creates its own special Somtam menu, including the chic town of Chiang Khan, Loei. You should not miss the native cuisine when you visit the lovely town of Chiang Khan and try the local dish called “Tam Dong Daeng”.

Somtam or green papaya salad is a spicy salad made from shredded unripe papaya as the main ingredient, flavored with sugar, fish sauce, sun dried shrimps, garlic, lime, as well as local vegetable. However, Tam Dong Daeng is special with rice noodle freshly made and added into the salad right away. Tam Dong Daeng has big rice noodles, which look like white worms. The chewy noodles are made fresh and added into the salad, mixed in the terra cotta mortar and served with roasted nut topping.

The yummy Tam Dong Daeng is sweet and a little spicy. For special flavor, “Plara” or fermented fish can be added. Then this dish will go with bean sprout, morning glory and other vegetables. Chid Somtam, which is located on the opposite of Vichit Sukda School in Chiang Khan serves yummy Tam Dong Daeng, while Yai Yung Shop, which is located on the opposite of Wat Sri Phum serves Tam Dong Daeng mixed with juice of Pak Sathon vegetable, which creates a smooth bitter taste.

Before you can claim that you have really been to Chiang Khan, you need to get a dish of Tam Dong Daeng.


How to get there: Chiang Khan is 34 miles north of Loei city via highway 201.