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Don Hoi Lot : Seafood Excursion

Don Hoi Lot: Seafood Excursion


South of the town of Samut Songkram, a sandbank at the mouth of Mae Klong River become a lively mecca of seafood producers.

The squishy sandbank is called Don Hoi Lot, after the abundance of tubular shellfishes or razor clams which are widely caught here during low tide. The huge area is also home to cockles, venus clams and scallops.

But people do not just come here only for the shellfishes or clams. Don Hoi Lot is famous for its coastal market and restaurants. Every weekend, the coastal road turns into a vibrant market place with a number of stalls offering a wide variety of fresh and prepared seafood.

The wide selection of seafood available there will delight you. This makes it harder to choose between big-sized tiger prawns, piles of boiled cockles and green mussels, ready-to-eat crab meat with spicy sauce, fragrant barbecued scallops, spicy horseshoe crabs salad and juicy grilled squids.

Roam the market and you will find yourself amidst abundance of dry local seafood that make great gifts. While walking around, get a snack like chewy sweet dried squid or crispy deep fried ricefishes.

Your seafood excursion cannot be fulfilled without trying Hoi Lot. Order the famous dish called “Hoi Lot Pad Cha”, which is stir fried razor clams with chili, and enjoy it right by the sea. It is one of the best ways to get to know Don Hoi Lot.


How to get there: Don Hoi Lot is located around 100 kilometer from Bangkok, via Highway 35 and 2003. The market is open only on Saturdays and Sundays from early morning to mid-afternoon. Seafood restaurants are open daily.