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Our Recommendations
Dine at full swing in Siam Square

Dine at full swing in Siam Square


Although it is a mecca for trendy fashion and shopping, Siam Square is also home to a variety of restaurants. Prepare your stomach to eat a lot of food before walking through this district. Listed below are some nice places to dine while visiting Siam Square.

Credit Pic : Page Siam Square

Oh Ka Ju, the new health hub of Siam Square, is originated in Chiang Mai and famous for high-quality salad. It serves a big salad set with unique toppings like grilled salmon, grilled chicken, and different nuts. The fruit salad comes at a considerable size as well. For meat lovers, pork ribs and salmon steak are recommended. Call 063-093-8388. 

Teraoka Gyoza, Siam Square One

Credit Pic : Page Teraoka Gyoza

The famous Gyoza manufacturer from Tokyo opens your eyes to another dimension of the dumpling. The restaurant serves an array of Gyoza menus. The award-winning Mentai cheese Gyoza is pricelessness. The cheese on top of the chicken Gyoza is torched, and the mentaiko sauce adds a bit salty and bitter taste. Try the Hiyashi Gyoza which is served cold with dashi soup jelly.  Call 02-115-1306

Cheese Owl, Siam Square One

Credit Pic : Page Cheese Owl

Cheese lovers would not miss this outlet, which offers the cheesiest shabu shabu in town. The Korean-style buffet restaurant offers unlimited Mozzarella Cheese to eat with the shabu shabu during a 90-minute time.  In addition to cheese, the restaurant has many varieties of meat to offer, from rib-eye beef, bacon, Kurobuta pork, chicken, shrimp, octopus to Thai-style meatballs.

Seven Sins, Siam Square One

Credit Pic : Page Seven Sins

Seven kinds of full-flavored soup and premium-grade ingredients make this hot-pot restaurant another destination for foodies. Wagyu meat and different spicy sauces will make you love this place. Do not forget to try the chili cheese and complete your hot meal with soft ice cream.

Burn Whale, Siam Square Soi 2

Credit Pic : Page Burn Whale

You can enjoy a grilled seafood buffet in the lovely atmosphere of a ship. Diners are enticed with big shrimps, rock lobsters, shells and mussels. Everything is cooked straight from the kitchen. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy.


How to get there: BTS Siam Station.