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Chocolate coated peanuts: Yummy Yala

Chocolate coated peanuts: tasty Yala


When in Yala, chocolate-coated peanut might be one of your best snacks available. Yala Municipality’s Fruit Processing Group is among the province’s best manufacturers, guaranteed with 3-stars awarded in 2016. While you explore Yala, grabbing some packs of them is quite a fab idea.

Making chocolate-coated peanut is not actually a hassle. Just melt some chocolate and sugar in a pan, add in the peanuts and mix it all up. When all peanuts are well coated, they will be topped up with sesame. The crispy sweet shell and fragrant smell of the roasted peanut make it a perfect snack to enjoy.

With abundance of horticultural products, Yala is the fruit hub of Thailand’s southern region. The province holds an annual Fruit Festival with a parade of colorful floats and fancy costumes from different districts. The vivid festival is packed with people in their best attires. The floats are uniquely decorated with local fresh fruits such as durian, rambutan, and mangosteen. At the end of the parade, attendees are allowed to pick fruits off the floats, eat them right away or take them homes.

Yala is also the country's largest durian market. The festival features a variety of durians, such as Malaysia's variety of Musang King, and Thailand's Puangmanee, and Monthong.

The yummy peanut is just a slice of Yala's fruity heaven.


How to get there: Yala is 665 miles south of Bangkok via highway AH2 and 4. Fruit Processing Group of Yala Municipality can be reached at 084-193-4609