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Catholic Church of Ban Song Yae : a powerful faith

Catholic Church of Ban Song Yae: A powerful faith


Slowly walk through the dim ambiance of the gigantic wooden church at Ban Song Yae, Yasothon. You will get a feeling for the great faith of the local Catholics when your footsteps resound like an echo though the silence.

The Catholic Church of Ban Song Yae is a special place that reflects the amazing power of the villagers. Built and rebuilt many times since it was first established in 1909, first the church of Ban Song Yae started from a small hut. Now, it is considered to be the country’s biggest wooden church. The present building which is the fourth edition built since 1947, is 15 meters wide and 57 meters long.

Nearly 300 trees were used to complete the project. This Thai traditional style architecture is made of 80,000 wooden roofs and wooden piles in different sizes. Its floor is made by huge pieces of Malabar ironwoods and jamba timbers. Its wooden benches can accommodate over five hundred people.

The huge amount of remaining wood was still enough to build the adjacent Ban Song Yae Pittaya School.

Since 2005, provincial administrative authorities have conducted annual mass Catholic weddings on Valentine’s Day for those wishing to get married among such magic vibe.

How to get there: Located off the beaten tracks, the church is in Ban Song Yae, Kut Chum District, 55 kilometers from Yasothon town accessible via highway 2169.