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Buny Jumping: Jump and get adrenaline pumped

Jump and get adrenaline pumped


Most tourists wait for cold breeze to visit Chiang Mai. However, during the rainy season, the province has many attractions to offer.

Chiang Mai is well known for its easy atmosphere, but it is not lack of excitement. Among extreme sports available in the province, bungy jumping is at the forefront. Though it is quite easy. All the player has to do is jump. But it is the toughest part as well.

Some may just want to add more excitement into their routine life while some want to proof themselves. Whatever they want, just single jump simply gives them adrenaline boost extremely fast and make all jumpers memorize such experience for their lifetime.

But bungy jumping in Chiang Mai is a bit different from the others. The custom-built tower stands high on the ground, allowing jumpers to find themselves above orchards, plantations and Chiang Mai countryside. Whether the scenery impresses them or not, all jumpers never forget the moment.

Chiang Mai X Centre in Mae Rim District has a bungy jump with a fixed and stable electronic platform that carries jumpers comfortably to the height of 50 metres for they can jump down with a view.

If jumping off at such height is not enough, you can ask jumpmasters for extra excitement. With perfect calculation, they can calibrate and enable your head to dip in the pond at the cord’s maximum extension.

Try a jump and you will not dismiss it from mind.


How to get there 

Chiang Mai X Centre and Jungle Bungy Jump offer bungy jump packages in Mae Rim District, north of Chiang Mai city.