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Buffalo Bay : hidden haven in Andaman Sea

Hidden Haven in Andaman Sea


The vast beach with lagoon-like water is simply beautiful and unspoiled. Nothing much goes on the beach. There are just sun, very white sand, nice scenery and its laid back atmosphere. During the high tide, warm and clear water is very inviting. When low tide, long beach appears and allows sea lovers to take a long stroll.

Buffalo Bay is a pristine beach of Koh Phayam in Ranong Province. Just discovered few years ago, the island is a real gems of the south. The island is very peaceful, unspoiled and safe. Some says it is like Thailand in the 70s.

On the island, tourists can freely get around to enjoy the azure sea, kayak to explore mangrove forest, or spend lazy after noon in the warm water. After the spectacular sunset, the beach is blanketed with quietness and darkness, and the deep starry nights eventually.


Besides a retreat for human, the unspoiled beach is a haven for hornbills as well. Amazingly, it is quite common to see the rare birds here, whoosing and hopping around under shades of palms.

Such simple joys are the real charm of Koh Phayam. The easy vibe and wider choice of accommodations, restaurants and transports, make it a desirable haven for those who look for a real peaceful retreat.


How to get there : Koh Phayam is a 12 miles boat ride from Ranong Town. Speedboats depart from Ranong's Koh Phayam pier to Ko Phayam up to nine times daily.