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Bhumibol Dam: the picturesque cruise on a gigantic reservoir

Bhumibol Dam: picturesque cruise on a gigantic reservoir


Take a leisure cruise on the great reservoir of Mae Ping, Tak province, and be amazed by natural beauty hidden among the wilderness.

Thailand's biggest dam offers a great retreat on its gigantic reservoir. Named after the late King Bhumibol, the multi-purpose concrete arch dam was built in 1964 for water storage, hydroelectric power generation, flood control, and fishery. The dam, 505 feet high, is set on the Ping River. It creates a huge Mae Ping reservoir that stretches 66 miles, from Sam Ngao District of Tak Province to Hot District of Chiang Mai Province.

Get on board and cruise away, you will find yourself on the picturesque water among the wilderness, embraced by rugged mountains blanketed by tropical forest. Its gigantic reservoir feeds the forest and offers access to attractions such as Mae Tuen Forest Reserve, Ab Nang Cave, and Yogi Cave.

High water in the reservoir enables visitors to easily access to Wat Phra Buddha Bat Khao Nam which houses a sacred Buddha footprint. The steep hill where the temple is located on now has become a small island.

The adjacent Koh Valentine is a small island which serves as a venue for activities related to St. Valentine's Day such as marriage registration or wedding ceremony.

As the reservoir reaches Chiang Mai's Doi Tao District, its water feeds the vast plain and turns it into a refreshing meadow when water recedes during June to August. In Doi Tao, you can roam the picturesque greeneries and find only yourself among the huge isolated area.

How to get there: Bhumibol Dam is 305 miles north of Bangkok via highway AH2. Electric Generating Authority of Thailand, which in charge of the dam offers accommodations and facilities such as golf course, tennis courts, and rental boat. For more information, call 055-549-509 or 055-599-093 to 7.