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Ban Wang Hon: Drift Like a Local

Drift Like a Local


Dip in the crystal clear stream and find yourself drifting through the magnificent wilderness.

In Ban Wang Hon, an old community in Cha-Uad district of Nakhon Si Thammarat, the forgotten mode of transport, bamboo raft, is revive for tourists’ enjoyable ride.

Originated from Nakhon Si Thammarat Range, the canal feeds crystal clear to Pak Panang River. As the canal runs through the jungle, plantation, and community, it becomes an exciting route to show how the local enjoy their easy life.

The local people remain thriving mainly on horticulture. Explore a number of fruit orchard here and you would not miss trying very fresh tropical fruits, particularly Durian.

Amidst the peaceful vibe of the jungle, you will find yourself getting back to the nature by riding easy bamboo raft and being drifted in clear water under tree’s shade. Rafters slowly push the bamboo raft, bending along the winding water way, to show you the natural beauty around the village. Some may not resist the tempting water and leave the raft to enjoy it eventually.

Besides the rafting, there are wide selection of activities to explore the village, from visiting the Buddhist temple, trying yummy local dishes, trekking and exploring Wang Nai Pud Cave, spending easy evening at the picturesque Huay Nam Sai reservoir or get a glimpse of jungle camping.


How to get there : Cha-Uad is 43 miles from Nakhon Si Thammarat City. Bamboo rafting package is 200 baht per person.

Call 063-191-6591, 080-695-5656.