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Our Recommendations
Ao Nang’s seafood: Dip in Delicious Experience

Dip in Delicious Experience


Ao Nang is a prestige beach destination in Krabi province. After dipping the warm blue Andaman sea, exploring places of deliciousness will complete you day in the southern paradise.


Situated on a hill, Lae Lay Grill is outstanding with decoration and dim ambiance that allows guests to comfortably enjoy panoramic view of the bay and scattering islets off shore when darkness gradually covers the beach. With friendly services, the restaurant is famed for stir fried soft shell crabs with salt, deep fried sea bass with sweet sauce and chili paste with fried shrimp.


The old restaurant Krua Thara is located close to compound of Nopparat Thara National Park. It is well known for fresh seafood with full flavors. The popular dishes include fried tiger prawns with chili, fried rice with crab meat, soft boiled wing shell, and grilled menu and seafood som tam. If you do not have private car to access, the restaurant provide shuttle bus service.


Situated next to the coast, Wangsai Seafood is the direct competitor to Kura Thara. With gigantic size to accommodate over a hundred diners, it serves wide range of seafood menu, but outstanding with prawn, steamed cuttlefish with lime, and wing shell.

Krabi is famed for its wing shell, or Hoy Chak Teen. Diner needs some attempt to eat it by using a toothpick to reach into the shell and pull out the meat. Dip with in the sauce made of garlic, chilli, sugar, fish cause and lime juice.

Your dinner at Ao Nong would not be completed without a roti. Located close to tourist police box at Ao Nang, the street side Roti Yaminlah has crispy roti with abundant topping like chocolate, peanut butter, and banana.

Enjoy the easy beach then enjoy the easy meal, you will love the modest vibe of Krabi.


How to get there: Krabi is 485 miles south of Bangkok via highway 41 and 44.