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An abundance of delicacies at Khlong Suan Roi Pee Market

An abundance of delicacies at Khlong Suan Roi Pee Market


Lining the banks of Prawet Burirom Canal and at the edge of Samut Prakan and Chachoengsao provinces are the century-old Khlong Suan Roi Pee Market.

Opened since the period of King Rama V, the market features two-story wooden shophouses where you can wander around to observe the old Chinese ambiance. The canalside community has numerous things to offer, especially food and snacks.

One highlight is the old coffee shop of the late Pae Lee, whose shop has been opened for selling kafe boran (old-style brewed coffee) for more than 80 years. Other well-known meals are charcoal grilled giant river prawns at Lung Chart restaurant, juicy ped phalo (stewed duck in aromatic brown soup) of Jae Lam and big noodle bowls of ped phalo of Jae Jaeng whose food stall is also famous for homemade egg noodle.

For crab lovers, Nalumol Hoi Jor is a must stop. The restaurant has served deep-fried crab meat rolls or hoi jor and Thai-style crab cake or pu ja more than a decade. It also serves fried rice with crab meat. Kuay Jaeng is another restaurant that serves hoi jor and pu ja, plus tom yam noodles with fish balls.

For take-home food and snacks, try homemade kunchiang (a sweet Chinese sausage) of Pae Ngin- Yai Phorn, kuichai (chive dumplings) of Rungrueang, khanom khai of Jae Hong and khanom pia or Chinese pastry with sweet mung-bean filling of Rattanaporn shop.

There are also vintage toys, handmade and Otop products available in the market, the place that can take you back to the good old days.


How to get there:

From Bangkok get on the Motorway and look for the exit leading to Khlong Suan Roi Pee market. After exiting move on to Route 314, then Route 3001 and drive on to the market.

Alternatively, buses leave Bangkok's Ekkamai station for Chachoengsao daily. Once there, take a local bus to the market.