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Amazing Sea of fog at I-Yerweng

Amazing sea of mist at I-Yerweng


Nestled in the southernmost corner of Thailand, the picturesque sea of mist at I-Yerweng Hill is a charming attraction if you travel to Thailand’s deep south.

Tourists usually visit this hill to appreciate the beautiful sunrise over a sea of clouds, watching the mist churning above a lush green valley. I-Yerweng hill is only 330 feet above the sea level, but it offers a great scenic point of a misty valley and obviously shows how isolated Betong is.

Hidden in valleys, the border town of Betong is nearly 80 miles south of Yala Province via winding mountain roads. However, it is quite a lively district, rich with attractions.

Once a stronghold of the Communist Party of Malaya, Betong houses an amazing Piyamit tunnel which was dug by Malay communists in 1976 to avoid bombardment. Set in a lush jungle, the network of tunnels stretches for a mile and was used as a shelter from air raid and food storage area. Explore the tunnel complex and learn about the difficult history of the town.

On the way, you can stop by at Betong Hot Spring, taking a dip in it and relax. If you are looking for an adventure, challenging whitewater may be the answer. Riding a rubber raft along the fierce Pattani River can turn your trip to Betong a thrilling one.

After the adventure, a beautiful garden could soothe your soul. Just a 30-minute drive out of town, you will find yourself among the tropical flowers and landscaped Betong Winter Flower Garden. The garden covers a huge area completed with a lake stocked with fish and a cafe overlooking the water.

Sit back and relax, you will find this border town a lively retreat you can hardly forget.

How to get there: Betong is 745 miles south of Bangkok. Airlines offer services between Bangkok and Hat Yai, where passengers can get van service to Betong.