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Amazing Plateau of Phu Moo

The amazing plateau of Phu Moo


If you are in search of a peaceful hideout, the calm and beautiful hill of Pho Moo will probably be on your preference list.

The Phu Moo Forest Park of Mukdahan Province offers 3 great viewpoints from the cliffs. The eastern viewpoint features a panoramic view of plantations including Phu Tham Men, Phu Mai Sang, Phu Phaengma and Huay Khilek Reservoir. The western viewpoint offers a great sunset scenery with scattering mountains and rugged Phu Phan ranges. The southern viewpoint, with a big lawn and tree shades, offers the view of Phu Tham Phra and Lerng Noktha town.

During the cold season, the quiet hill is windy and quite chilly.

Elevated a thousand feet above the sea level, Phu Moo is a flat-top hill of which plateau covering the 1,000 acre area. Phu Moo means "the hill of pigs" as it was home to a number of wild hogs in the past.

The Phu Moo Forest Park is part of the exquisite Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park. Phu Sa Dok Bua means "the mountain of lotus pools". It is named after 11 natural rock pools with lotus growing in them found on the hill top.

During the rainy season, its rocky terrain will turn vibrant, decorated by meadows and various kind of wildflowers. You can also camp at Phu Pha Hom, which is situated on an elevation of 1,200 feet, giving a panoramic mountain view.

How to get there: Phu Moo Forest Park is 23 miles south of Mukdahan town via highway 212.