Our Recommendations
Our Recommendations
10 Things to Do in Phang-nga

1. Taste LukChok, a fruit in the palm family, thehighlight product of Phang-nga. (ชิมลูกชก ผลไม้ในตระกูลปาล์มที่เป็นของดีเมืองพังงา)
Usually, the typical way the local people like to eat is to put it in syrup with ice to be relieved from the hot weather. This fruit tastes like Luk Chit or boiled sugar palm seed but stickier. Although the fruit is rare, it is available at shops in front of the Bang Phat community. 

2. Snorkelling at Mu Ko Surin. (ดำน้ำตื้นหมู่เกาะสุรินทร์)
Mu Ko Surin National Park is the top spot for snorkelling at AoPhak Kat, Ao Tao, Ao Suthep and many other areas around Ko SurinNuea and Surin Tai where tourists can enjoyseeing coral reefs and a variety of beautiful fish. 

3.Be dazzled by the underwater world of the spectacular Similans. (ตื่นตาใต้ทะเลสิมิลัน)
Mu Ko Similan National Park is a world-class diving spot for sightseeing coral reefs and aquatic animals. Ko Paet is a favourite island among tourists who enjoy spending time here for swimming and relaxing. The islandfeatures powdery white sandy beaches, clear sea and a sailing boatshaped-likerock. After that, they can return to Ko Si to admire the sunset and stay overnight and listen to the sound of the sea before falling asleep. 

4. Enjoy kayaking at Ban Tha Din Daeng. (สนุกสนานกับ การพายเรือคายัคที่บ้านท่าดินแดง)
Amidst the abundant mangrove forest and interdependent ecosystem, this activity would be a challenging and unforgettable adventure. Moreover, visitors can stop by to see a gorgeous beach at Khao Na Yak and spectacular ThungSamet Khao or a field of cajuput trees, and the wonderful grassland called Little Savanna.

5. The charm of the simplicity in Ko Yao. (หลงเสน่ห์อันเรียบง่ายที่เกาะยาว)
This community embodies the charming way of life and homestay and has received multiple awards.It is an ideal placefor people who love beautiful and peaceful natural attractions. It also encompassesa breathtaking view of a cluster of towering islands (called Pa Ko), seafood, and local food.The nearby islands are worth visiting as well. 

6. Witness the magnificent landscape at Samet Nang Chi. (ชมทิวทัศน์อลังการ ณ เสม็ดนางชี)
Is currently a top-rated viewpoint featuring the landscape of Phang Nga Bay enhanced with an array of small and large islands in various shapes and ideal for capturing a picture of the Milky way and the first light of sky in the morning. This place, hence, provides a campsite for tents for visitors to indulge in the stars at night.    

7. Stroll in old town Takua Pa. (เที่ยวท่องย่านเมืองเก่าตะกั่วป่า)
Appreciate the Sino-Portuguese architecture all over Takua Pa town. In particular, on Si Takua Pa Road, the main road features a footpath in the front of the buildings that undercoverall the way.It includes one of the first old roads of Takua Pa named UdomThara. TheKhwang Market zone is also lined with numerousold houses aged over 100 years. 

8. Embrace the misty flow at Khao Khai Nui. (ละมุนสายหมอกที่เขาไข่นุ้ย)
Witness the first light of the day and spectacular sea of mist in the morning and experience the cool weather on the mountaintop of Khao Khai Nui. The mountain embodies the five miracles: sunrise, sunset, sea of mist, Andaman Sea and mountain range. For people who want to experience the coldness and appreciate the beauty of the misty flow of the South, this place is a must visit. 

9. Seek the heart-shaped rock and sail along the Emerald Pond. (ตามหาหินหัวใจ ล่องไปในธารมรกต)
Take a bamboo raft and enjoy nature at the EmeraldPond that looks like a large swimming pool with clear emerald-like water where the colourful peculiar rocks aredown below and flanked by abundant nature on both sides of the canal. 

10. Admire the wonder of nature at Little Amazon. (ชมความอัศจรรย์ธรรมชาติ ที่ลิตเติ้ลอะเมซอน)
Take a boat ride along the meandering Khlong Sangne to sightsee the banyan tree forest and other various species of water plants. The amazing highlight of this forest we are about to witness is theabundant giant banyan trees aged over 40 years along the canalsides;some of which are aged about 120 years standing tall amid the wetland and expanding their branches. In addition, this forest is a habitat of wildlife; such as, mangrove snake, viper, short pit viper, and egret. If we come in the morning, we might have a chance to see hornbills.