Koh Matra (Matra Island), Choomporn

The city of Chumphon is the gateway to the south. The coast is admired for its blue sea and clear white sands. There are various attractions along the coast and islets around the area. Read more

Ton Nam Pa Toh forest is surrounded by many thick forests, it is the water source of many orchards at Amphur Pa Toh area before joining the Choomporn River. There are many activities to do here such as hiking, canoeing, paddling in the streams and visiting the many waterfalls. Read more

Walk along the white sand beach and go scuba diving to explore the underwater world. Read more

A number of hot springs can be seen in the 300-Rai area of forest and limestone. The name Kao Plu is derived from a local plant, Plu Paa (Piper Betel) which is abundant in the area. Read more

Walk along the white sand beach and go scuba diving to explore the underwater world.

The coral is the attraction that brings tourists to visit the heaven island of divers; Koh Matra.

Koh Matra or Koh Tangguay is located in Koh Choomporn National Park near Had Sai Ree (Sai Ree Beach). It takes around an hour to travel from Ta Yang port to the island. On the west side, there are white sands alternating with rocks that are lined all over the island. The eastern side consists of high mountains. There are rooms at the Koh Choomporn National Park and a field for camping. At the narrow part of the island, there is a perfect coral reef, which is the main tourist attraction. The coral reefs around this island are mostly massive corals and brain corals. There are different kinds of fish such as clown fish, rainbow fish, cressent wrasse and globefish. In addition, there are rare animals such as staghorn coral, giant clams and a rare kind of crab. The coral reef of Matra Island is the best place for diving of all the islands in the Choomporn group.


Boiled flower crab is a popular dish.

The night market around Krom Thang Luang road near the train station has many food kiosks.

Lui Restaurant, the original service restaurant situated at the seaside of Paradornparb beach, Amphur Muang Choomporn. There are a lot of fresh and original seafood for the tourists to taste. Call 077 521 135 or 077 522 233 to book a table.


Matra island is a one hour journey from Taa Yang seaport.