Ko Phra Thong

Ko Phra Thong (or Phra Thong Island) is situated in Mu Ko Ra- Ko Phra Thong national park. Read more

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Ko Phra Thong

Ko Phra Thong (or Phra Thong Island) is situated in Mu Ko Ra- Ko Phra Thong national park. It has satellites on the Andaman Sea - including Ko Ra, Ko Kho Khao, Ko Pling, Ko Pho Ta, Ko Luk Tum, Ko Tung Na Dam – and a group of 37 small islands scattering around a mangrove swamp. Ko Phra Thong is perfect for those who love a tranquil retreat. Not only is the natural beauty so spectacular, but under the water is also well worth a look. A gorgeous beach, crystal clear sea water and a coral reef awaits your visit. Additionally, there are ferryboats to Ko Ra in the northern part of the island.

Ko Phra Thong is given the name ‘Safari in the midst of the Andaman’ because the main geographical feature on the island is a vast plain. In addition to this, there is a beach stretching along the west coast, and mangrove swamps on the northern and eastern part of the island. It comprises grassland, a melaleuca forest and a peat swamp forest that is home to a large variety of animals. Such an atmosphere reminds tourists of an African safari, the habitat of various animals, and this makes the island incomparably fascinating.

The broad area of Ko Phra Thong is a plain without any hills. The eastern side is an adjoining area of mangrove swamps; whilst the plain in the west is mainly occupied by a secondary forest of melaleuca trees alternating with spacious fields like an African savannah. Apart from this, there are several kinds of exotic plants, and more importantly, it is the habitat of various mammals, such as sixty wild deer, boar, dusky langur, macaque monkeys, palm civet, otter, armadillo, pallas squirrel, grey-bellied squirrel, flying fox, flying lemur and island mouse. One of Thailand’s endangered bird species, and dugongs, a very rare mammal in Thai territorial waters are frequently reported to be seen by the locals of Ko Phra Thong and Ko Ra.

This area is suitable for camping as well. Campers find it an ideal place to pitch their tents and spend the night observing various nocturnal lives of animals, mainly deer and boars. After enjoying nature and spectacular wildlife trekking, for those who like seaside or water activities, the beach, which lies, from the north to the south of the island is recommended. When the tide of the sparkling blue sea goes out it reveals a white, long and sandy beachfront for various seaside activities. In the area where the beach is close to mangrove swamps, ecological diversity is a compensation for the unclear water.

How to get there

Take state highway number 4 from Bangkok to Kura Buri district, and then catch a motorbike or a minibus to Kura Buri pier, the main port that takes you to the Surin islands. By the tourist information centre on the Surin islands sits Nang Yon pier. It provides ferries from the Surin islands to Ko Phra Thong which takes only 30 minutes.