Khao Wong Cave

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Khao Wong Cave, the amazing maze in a limestone forest of Klaeng District (Rayong Province) Read more

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Khao Wong Cave, the amazing maze in a limestone forest of Klaeng District (Rayong Province)

Khao Wong Cave is in a limestone mountain. A steep cliff and rocks covered with forest are the signature of Khao Wong. There are various exotic plants here such as Dracaena loureiri and Malayan spurge trees. Tourists can also see limestone eroded by rain. Inside Khao Wong, there are more than 80 limestone caves. In most of the caves, stalagmites and stalactites are still developing naturally. Some caves have streams running through them.

Some parts of Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park allows visitors. The national park provides a travel route which takes about three to four. Tourist will be able to experience Singto Yai Cave (stunning stalactites) and Sam Mit Cave (wave-shape wall). There is another travel route which is quite extreme. Tourists have to take almost a whole day to follow the course. The most well known caves are, Phet Cave, Chang Cave, Rong Bon Cave (the spectacular room of stalagmites and stalactites), and Than Lot Cave (a waterfall in the cave).

When you arrive at Khao Wong Cave, you should visit a beautiful seven-layer waterfall called Khao Chamao. Here, the headwater is from the rainforest of Rayong.

Another attraction of Rayong province is the local food. The most popular dish is fish dumplings, which is made from fresh fish and has a fantastic taste. The big dumpling is a bit chewy. Fresh fish is also used to make fish balls and fish ribbons. Both are the ingredients of noodles in red sauce. You can buy dried seafood such as shrimp, squid and mussel, salted fish, and so on. All dishes are fresh and made from local ingredients.