Kham Island

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Kham Island, volcanic rock

Even though Trad province has the large and well-known Koh Chang, there are also other smaller beautiful islands in this province worth mentioning. Koh Kham (Kham Island) is a small isle located next to Mhak Island and it is the only one comprised of volcanic rock among all the small islands in this area. It has white delicate sand and it is considered as “the heritage of Trad”, which comes from the beauty of the clear seawater. The island has 300 meters of coast on the east side and south side, whilst the other side is mountains and cliffs. The beach on the east side is the most outstanding since the sand is very white and black volcanic boulders litter the shore. When the water level reduces, there is a beautiful white sandy ridge separating the sea. The area around Kham Island has an abundant coral reef. Visitors can go diving, snorkeling or kayaking to see the coral and there is a path for people to walk around the island. On the west side of the island, there is a path leading up to the viewpoint where you can see a great panorama of the islands.

For those who are waiting for the fascinating sunset, can also contact the officer at the bar in order to let them prepare a pick up boat.The most suitable time to stay on this island is 2 days, one night. There are many types of accommodation for visitors to choose but the most convenient one is Koh Mhak Resort located one kilometer from Koh Kham. There is also an all day boat service for the tourists. It is not too hard to get to Kham Island and it is suitable for a short stay since it takes only one to two hours to see the whole place.

Koh Kham is located on the northwest side of Koh Mhak and only one kilometer from Suan Yai Bay. You can travel there by pick up boat from Koh Mhak Resort at Suan Yai Bay. The fee is 100 baht for the round trip and another 100 baht to enter Koh Mhak. Visitors can exchange coupons for a drink. For those who travel from Bangkok and arrive in the afternoon can also make an appointment with the resort to send a pick up car.After arriving at the resort, you can hire a motorcycle to travel around. You can enjoy the scenery of rubber tree gardens, white sandy beaches and the villagers’ way of living. In the evening,you can also travel to Suan Yai Bay to see the sunset or view the scenery of Koh Chang.

The most suitable time to come here is winter and summer.