Kaew Komol Cave

This district does not have many tourists but there is one tourist attraction; Kaew Komol Cave. Read more


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Kaew Komol Cave

If viewed from a map, Amphur Mae La Noi seems to be a passage between Amphur Mae Sareang and Amphur Khun Yuam. This district does not have many tourists but there is one tourist attraction; Kaew Komol Cave. Tourists who do not like caves will surely drive pass this place. However, it is one of the most beautiful in Thailand with crystal calcite in the cavern. Kaew Komol cave was discovered in 1993 during an exploration of the area. From then, the Department of Mineral Resources turned it into a tourist attraction and in 1995, it became Kaew Komol Cave National Park. Originally, it was called Crystal Calcite Mae La Noi Cave, the calcite mineral or calcium carbonate is crystallized on the cave walls. The color is white as snow.

Inside the cave is a 30-meter vertical pothole. The entrance and exit is a 120- meter stairs and in order to preserve the nature, it is designed for visitors to see the beauty of the walls in a small space. Tourists are not allowed to go deep inside the cave since it is dangerous to go too far. This cave is considered as the most beautiful in Thailand and this kind of cavern can only be found in three places in the world, which are Australia, China and Thailand.The Queen visited at Mae La Noi Cave (original name) on 19 February 2001 and offered the name “Kaew Komol Cave”. Additionally, the Queen has given names to each of the five small caves inside the Kaew Komol Cave.

The first cave is “Pra Taitarn Room”. This name comes from the water that flows like a cascade. The second is “Wimanmek Room”. This name was named after the mineral on the ceiling that looks like clouds. The third is “Shek Himmaparn Room”. This cave is 50 meters from the first and the second cave. In this one, there are stalagmites and wall carvings that are very beautiful. The Queen imagined this cave as scenery from Thai literature so she named this room after it. The fourth is “Maan Pa Kaew”. There is a lot of crystallized glass, which look like curtains inside the cave. The fifth cavern is “Predpraew Manee Buppha”, which is the last one. Inside here are many white crystals that look like snow in the shape of a pin. It is very fragile and the most beautiful cave inside “Kaew Komol Cave”.The time that is suitable to go to “Kaew Komol Cave” is between December and February. After your visit, you can also call at other natural tourists attractions in Mae Hong Sorn such as Doi U Kor or you can drive up 108 highway and see the beauty of the Mexican flower weed field.