Hinta Hinyai

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Hinta Hinyai

Thailand is blessed with rich and abundant resources that promote tourism. It is a fantastic world-renowned destination. Hinta Hinyai on Ko Samui (or Samui island) is a natural wonder has been passed on by word of mouth for a long time. Visitors from all over the world have made this a must-see attraction.

Hinta Hinyai is a don’t-miss destination. It is located just before Lamai beach and is in an oxbow bay. The bay contains large rocks and pebbles. A particular large stone appears head height and resembles the shape of male genitalia. It is called Hinta (or grandfather’s rock). Not too far away, there is a rock like female’s genitalia, so the name given to this is Hinyai (or grandmother’s rock). Despite natural sculpture mixed with human imagination, it cannot help thinking that nature has been cheeky rather than intentional in creating such a wonder.

From Hinta Hinyai, other outstanding tourist attractions in Ko Samui, on the Gulf of Thailand, are also accessible in a one-day trip. It is possible to arrange an itinerary driving around the island that allows you to visit every beach and try every activity. Just simply drive around Highway number 4169 for 57 kilometers. This is the main route that takes you to all other beaches in only half a day.


Hinta Hinyai is just before Lamai beach, east of Ko Samui, next to Ban Hua ta-non

How to get there

Among Surat Thani’s three famous island destinations, Ko Samui is a dream island that tourists find to be the easiest to access. Whether by car or bus, there are ferry services both Seatran ferry and Raja from Don Sak Ko Samui pier. The 35-kilometer ferry route takes only one and a half hours to cross over to the island. Roads all over Ko Samui are made from high quality concrete to allow a convenient and smooth ride for any vehicles. Alternatively, for a less time consuming trip to Ko Samui, Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways operate daily flights into the island’s pretty and convenient airport from early morning to late night.