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Songkran Splendours: Amazing Songkran 2017
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Date 8 - 13 Apr 2017

Venue:  Benjasiri Park, Bangkok

Songkran 2017 gets off a great start with Amazing Songkran Joyful processions staged in the heart of Bangkok on April 8, 2017 at 17.30 – 20.30 hrs. 

 The Amazing Songkran Joyful parades will go along Sukhumvit Road, starting from Phrom Phong Junction and finishing at Pathum Wan Intersection. The processions will showcase Thailand’s cultural diversity and the heritage of each region, the legend of Songkran Goddesses (Nang Songkran), and the story of Thai flowers in different regions of the kingdom. Spectators will have the amazing experience to learn how the Songkran celebration has changed over the years and from region to region. The processions are divided into five parts;

The first parade will showcase the symbol of Amazing Songkran 2017 with the show called “Amazing Blossom of Siam”.

The second parade will focus on Songkran Goddess, which is named differently depending on the day of thr Great Songkran falls on each year. This year is honoured by the Thursday lady, whose name is "Kirini Devi", wears Magnolia flowers behind her ears. Her gem is emerald and she prefers nuts and sesame seeds. She has a hook and a bow as her attributes, riding on an elephant, which is predicted that this year will be productive, prosperous and healthy. There will be showcase of  The Amazing Songkran Show.

The third parade will highlight the amazing colourful floral parades of Songkran myths and traditions from five regions of Thailand, showcasing not only the different ways of celebrations, but also the story of Thai flora representing in each region too. The procession involves;

Southern region Dala Ngam-ta Loi Khro Long Le (Torch Gingre Flower)

Central region Hom Klin Mali Champa Sao Thin Thai Ngam (Jasmine & Champak)

Eastern region Dao Rueng Bang Saen Aum Ruk Long Sichang (Marigold)

North – Eastern region Siang Khaen Dok Khun Ban Hao (Golden Shower)

Northern region Tong Kwao Ngam-ta Pee Mai Muang (Bustard Teak)

The fourth parade will display the earth of green Songkran by IRPC. There will be The Green Earth Queen and the industrial members from all over the country with the parade of decorated electric cars and “the earth of green Songkran show”. 

The fifth parade will offer The Songkran traditions of Thailand’s neighbor countries, namely Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. The parades aim at strengthening the relationship between Thailand and neighboring countries and sharing cultures.

Finally, the sixth parade will showcase the varieties of distinctive local cars from many parts of Thailand.

Amazing Songkran Experience festival 2017

Amazing Songkran Experience festival 2017 will take place at Benjasiri Park in Bangkok on April 8 – 13, 2017 from 12.00 to 20.00 hrs. The event will showcase the unique local experiences and provide an insight into some of the fascinating Sonkran traditions from every part of Thailand. The festival is divided into four zones, each of which is packed with demonstrations of local culture, and cuisine. The four zones at Amazing Songkran Experience festival 2017 include:

Zone 1: The tourists will get the chance to appreciate the more spiritual side of Songkran by being blessed by pouring water to the buddha image on Mont Meru. There will be the demonstration of paying respect to elders by pouring water from five regions of the country and The workshop activities on making Thai scented water, scented flour bunch and Thai pot – pourri, dried flowers.

Zone 2: Discover Songkran Celebration in Five Regions: Every region in the country will celebrate the Songkran festival. This zone will gather a variety of myths, cultures, and traditions, representing each region of Thailand. This zone includes;

The northern region calls their Songkran festivals as “Pee Mai Muang”, demonstrating local Lanna women riding a Kang Chong (a Northern vehicle) and There are also showcases of the northern handicrafts. 

The northeasterners handle Songkran Festival in the simple and warm way. They call Songkran as "Boon Duen Ha" or the 5th month merit.

The central region will offer Songkran in Phra Pradaeng, where is one of the few places in Thailand that celebrates the Songkran Festival in the Thai-Mon style. Visitors will have the opportunity to take photos with “Loy Chai Boy”, men who dressed in traditional Raman costume. 

The southern region will showcase the celebration in the fishermen style and also will teach the southern handicrafts. The eastern region will represent Sri Maharaja Songkran Festival in Chonburi Province. The observance of the ‘kong khao’ religious ritual and other customs related to the celebration of the Thai New Year. 

In addition, there will be the selfie zone for visitors to wear Thai costumes and take photos. 

Zone 3:  Unique Culinary Delights: This zone will offer food and desserts from all five regions for example, rice in ice water  or Khao Chae. This will enable visitors to get a taste of the vibrancy and variety of the kingdom’s cuisine.

Zone 4: Amazing Songkran Main Stage: There will be many cultural performances and local edutainment activities from five regions of Thailand, for example, Thai Blind Boxing or Muay Tub Jak and Thai chilli paste making.  Miss Amazing Songkran International Beauty Contest will be held on April 13, 2017. The six-day event will showcase the unique local experiences. 


For more information, please contact Tourism Authority of Thailand, 0 2250 5500 ext. 3470-3 or at TAT CALL CENTER 1672




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