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Bun Luang and Phi Ta Khon Festival
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Date 24 - 26 Jun 2017

Venue : Dan Sai district, Loei Province

The Phi Ta Khon Festival is part of Buddhist merit-making holiday called ‘Bun Luang’ or ‘Boon Prawat’. This year’s festival will take place in July in Dan Sai district of Loei Province. It is a belief that this annual Bun Luang festival is related to the thirteen sermons of Prince Vessandorn where local people will gather at the temple to listen to the sermons recited by the monks. There are also various activities such as the parade of people who dance and strike poses while wearing huge masks made from carved coconut-tree trunks, topped with wicker work and sticky-rice steamers, various performances from local people along with bazaar where OTOP goods can be found.

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