Yarang Ancient Town Village, Community

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Amphoe Yarang, Pattani


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Yarang Ancient Town is the site of one of the oldest communities in southern Thailand. It is believed that Yarang was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lanka Suka, also known as Lang-ya-xiu, that covered an area including the present-day provinces of Pattani, Songkhla, Yala and Narathiwat in Thailand and Kelantan and Tarang Kanuin Malaysia. Ancient Yarangwas a port with a long trading history,dating back about 2,500 years. The ancient town was a large oval covering an area of 9 square kilometers. The Yarang site includes the remains of three connected communities: Ban Wat, Ban Cha-le and Ban Prawae.

Ban Watwas built around a public square and is surrounded by a moat. The northern and western area of the town has more than 25 mounds believed to contain ancient ruins.Ban Cha-le has a pond in its center and is surrounded by a square moat. The most important ancient monument is the ruin of a religious venue made of bricks, with a large square base. Lastly, Ban Prawae is a small rectangular town with four earthen forts in its corners. The town moat was connected to Ban Ja-le in the north by a man-made canal.

To reach Yarang, take Sirorot Road (Highway 410) from Pattani for 15 kilometers, turn left to highway 4061for 1.2 kilometers to the ancient town area. Upon arrival at the ancient town area, take a left turn towards the north for 400 meters before arriving at Ban Chale Ancient Town.


Yarang Ancient Town is open to the public daily 8.00 am-5.00 pm. For more information or to arrange a group visit, please contact the Yarang Ancient Town Excavation and Restoration Project Office in Pattani at 0 7343 9093.

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