Wiang Lo Ancient Town Village, Community

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Tambon Lo, Amphoe Chun, Phayao



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Wiang Lo Ancient Town ruins are all that is left of a flourishing town that existed between 500 and 600 years ago. Unearthed stone inscriptions and sandstone Buddha images confirm its age.

Within the moat and city wall, 10 ancient sites have been uncovered, including abandoned temples. Outside, ruins of 40 more have been found. Wat Si Ping Mueang, located near Wiang Lo where the Chun River flows into the Ing River, is of primary importance, its grounds containing an ancient relic-containing Chedi or Phrathat.

Wiang Lo Ancient Town is in TambonLo , 17 kilometers from Amphoe Chun along Highway 1021. At Ban HuaiNgio, there is a 12-kilometer dirt road to Ban Nam Chun. Additional information is available at 0 5371 7433 and 0 5374 4674-5.


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