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Wat Yan Nawa is located in the Sathon district on Charoen Krung Road, Yan Nawa sub-district. It has a unique boat-shaped chedi and viharn constructed in the reign of King Rama III. Wat Yannawa is considered a 3rd class Royal Temple.The temple was known as Wat KokKhwai during Ayutthaya era with unknown founder and it was designated a royal temple later during Thonburi period in 1782.In the reign of King Rama I, the small ubosot was constructed and royally granted to the temple by announcing in royal decree.  The temple was then renamed Wat KhokKrabue.In 1844, during the reign of King Rama III, KrommaMuenKraisornVichit was titled as the restoration chief of Wat Yan Nawa renovating the ubosot which King Rama I used to restore. The King had the boat-like structure built behind the ubosot in 1844 and also had 2 monk’s houses constructed decorated with gilded pediment decoration on windows, doors and ubosot’s arched entrance.The interesting architectural construction includesa chedi in the form of the Chinese junk replaced WatKhokKrabue’s old ubosot following King Rama III’s order. This boat-shaped chedi is the only life-size Chinese viharn in Thailand.Another highlight includes Phra Ubosot, a masterpiece and valuable work of art in Rattanakosin period showing the highly skills of the royal craftsman during the reign of King Rama I portraying the figure of Deva decorated with the pattern of Himmapan creatures. Inside ubosot, there are 4 different sizes of principle Buddha images in the attitude of subduing Mara.There is also 3-storey Tripitaka Hall represented by Thai architectural-style building decorating 3 viharns. This place is used for collecting Tripitaka, important Buddhist scriptures and Dharma books. The statue of King Rama III is located in front of the Chinese junk-shaped chedi.For more information, please contact 0-2672-3216  

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