Wat Thap Than Temple


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Wat Thap Than Wat Thap Than


Amphoe Thap Than, Uthai Thani



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Wat Thap Than was built in the Rattanakosin period, around 1897 CE. Locals had since shortened its lengthy name to Wat Thap Than. It is said that this area was where Thai troops caught up with invading foreign forces in the late Ayutthaya period, hence the name, Thap, which means “military”, and Than, which means “caught up”.

The monastery is shady, with a small chapel and a main hall in the traditional Thai style. The highlight of the temple is its lovely carved door depicting an angel holding an arrow, standing astride a Naga or sea serpant; another depicts an angel with a deer and a lion. The convocation hall has a main bronze Buddha image in the Man Wichai posture 1.68 meters wide as well as a replica of Lord Buddha’s footprint in bronze.

To get there, take Highway No. 3221 (Amphoe Muang-Amphoe Thap Than) for 19 kilometers. The temple is located on the left, about 1 kilometer before the Thap Than district office.

The temple is open from 6.00 am-5.00 pm daily.


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