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Wat Phumin
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Address : Amphoe Mueang, Nan

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Operating day : All Day

Operating time : 08.00 - 17.00

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Category : Temple

This beautiful temple was built by an order of Chao Jettabutrabhrama in 1602 A.D. after he ruledNanfor six years. Its name was originally “BhramaTemple” but it later called inaccurate toPhuminTemple.     Its unique design makes this temple become the most interesting temple inNan. The reason is the style of main building which is both ubosot and vihara (Buddhist monastery) that is really unique northern architecture. It is believed to be the first 4-portico vihara inThailandthat has built like it’s on the back of two Nagas. Inside are full of fascinating Lanna architectures and arts. The main pillar stands in the center of vihara has four Sukhothai style Buddha statues placed on the base facing off each four directions of the vihara that stands crossing east, west, north and south. No matter visitors enter which entrance they will face the beautiful Buddha statue’s face. The doors are delicately carved in splendid designs by Lanna craftsmen.     This temple is also a home ofThailand’s famous ancient wall murals called Pu Man, Ya Man which appears on the wall paintings, in Tai Lue style. It is considered highly valuable. It depicts legends concerning the Lord Buddha as well as local legends and the local way of life including native attires, weaving and commerce with foreign countries. Archeologists believed that these beautiful wall murals were created during the major restoration in 1867.Opening hours: 6 am-6 pmContact: 0 5452 1118To get there: The temple is onPhakong Roadopposites to the office of tourism.

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