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Wat Phra That Chom PingWat Phra That Chom Ping is located at Mu 5, Ban Chom Pong, Na Kaeo sub-district, KoKha district, about 25 km to the southwest.According to the legend, the temple was built in the reign of King Tilokkarat of the Lanna Thai Kingdom. An ancient temple has a miracle because the Buddha’s relics are reflected through a small hole in the window and appear on the floor of the ordination hall, where there is bright light all day and night. Artifacts that were dug and found in this area are displayed at the WatPhra That Chom Ping Museuem, including the Buddha image’s head, stone bead bracelets, rooster bowls and bowls made from animal bones.Inside the temple, the Buddha’s relics, 18 m wide and 34 m high, are enshrined. The temple was struck by lightning in 1957 and renovated. According to the legend, the temple contained relics ofLord Buddha.In addition, one will also find a main ordination hall, 14.50 wide and 29 m long. The current hall was restored by KhruBasiWichai in 1857. Inside the hall, there are a Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara, 2.20 m wide and 7.30 m high, the life of Lord Buddha in pictures andan ancient pulpit. Outside the hall, there are giant, tiger, elephant and naga statues at many access doors.Lastly, an ordination hall that is 6.60 m wide and 11.20 long was restored in 1958. A main Buddha’s image, 1.10 m wide and 1.70 m high, is enshrined. Additionally, there are two Dhamma ancient book chests. The shadow of the Buddha’s relics reflects natural color through a tiny hole at the window and falls on the floor that is miracle and wonderful. The ordination hall was builtwith a backdrop and design in beautiful and harmonious colors.                How to get there: take the same route to Wat Phra That Lampang Luang but turn left at the district office for more 17 km.

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