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Address : The temple which is situated approximately 10 kilometers from Tharua Market, or some 40 kilometers from the town houses a sacred stone which locals believe was a bed for the Lord Buddha during his illness before he ascended to Nirvana.

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Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang Worawihan is located at Tha Maka District, Kanchanaburi. If you are traveling from Bangkok, take a highway number 323, turn right when you reach at Tha Rua market junction, go all the way through a highway number 3081 and you will spot this temple between the kilometer markers 9 and 10. Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang is an ancient temple that consists of a big stone plate which was counted as a sacred item due to the history because it supposed to be a holy stone plate which Buddha sat on when he went to nirvana. Also, this stone plate is counted as a pantheon which reminds people about the time where Buddha went to nirvana at Salavanothayan, India. Thus, the bed of the Buddha here is an imitate one. It was made of a pave rock that was shaped like a bed. Previously, there used to have two Shorea siamensis on both sides of the bed. Also, there are many more ancient remains which are related to Buddhism around the area such as Boa Buan Pra Osot, a small temple of Ananda, as well as local museum. In the middle of April of each year, there will be a big festival occur here at this temple.There is no evidence that shows when exactly Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang was built. It has been presumed that the temple may build in the same period of time when other sacred places in the area were discovered which is in the reign of Phra Chao Borom Kote. Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang and a small temple of Phra Taen were stated in long lyrical Thai poetry of a novice named Klan as he was once here to pay homage to Phra Thaen Dong Rang with Sunthorn Phu in 1833.Later, King Bhumibol gave permission to bestowed Phra Thaen Dong Rang the status of Royal temple of the first grade, Varavihara temple in the purpose of glorifying the establishment of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. The Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Education registered  Phra Thaen Dong Rang as a national historical remain as notified in the government gazette number 72, chapter 2, January 4th, 1946.  Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang Worawihan stands on a big area of 20,608 acres.  

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To get there, from Bangkok, take Highway 323 to the Tha Ruea Market Intersection. Turn right and keep along Highway 3081, between Km. 9-10.

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