Wat Phra Prang and Ancient Kilns Temple


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Wat Phra Prang and Ancient Kilns -


Mu7 Ban Khok Mo, Tambon Choeng Klat, Amphoe Bang Rachan



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This temple compound has a number of religious and historic sights to enjoy. Within the temple compound, there is the Phra Prang (or corn-shaped pagoda), constructed in the style of the early Ayutthaya era. More specifically, it is believed that the pagoda was built during the reign of King Narai the Great. The 15-meter high pagoda has a low base and a hollow chamber. The interior was once covered in murals, though they have faded and are no longer visible. At the back, there is an ancient Wihan (or image hall) in the Ayutthaya style, with a lion-figured wood-carved gable and eaves brackets. At the top of a nearby mountain, there is a replica of the Lord Buddha’s footprint.

Also within the temple grounds and not far from the pagoda, three or four ancient kilns, known as Maenam Noi Kiln Site, have been discovered. They were used for firing earthenware during the Ayutthaya period, which ended nearly three centuries ago. The kilns were relatively large and once produced ceramic products such as jars, bowls, mortars, pots, gable tops, and floor tiles. The Fine Arts Department registered the temple grounds as an ancient monument on 8 March 1935.

The temple and kiln sites are located at Mu 7 Ban Khok Mo, Tambon Choeng Klat, Amphoe Bang Rachan. To get there, take the Sing Buri–Bang Rachan–Sankhaburi route or Highway 3251 for around 16 kilometers. The site is around 1 kilometer from the Channasut Market. Alternatively, take the Sing Buri–Sankhaburi bus No. 605.

The temple is open daily from 6.00 am-5.00 pm. For more information, call 0 3654 4557.


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