Wat Phra Borom That Thung Yang Temple


06.00 - 17.00

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Wat Phra Borom That Thung Yang Wat Phra Borom That Thung Yang


Ban Thung Yang Mu 3, Tambon Thung Yang, Amphoe Laplae, Uttaradit



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This ancient temple is linked with two adjacent temples, WatPhra Yuen PhutthabatYukhon and WatPhraThaenSila At, commemorating the myth of the Lord Buddha’s visit to the area. WatPhraBorommathatThung Yang includes a Lanna-style wihan, or small shrine hall. Behind the wihan is a round bell-shaped, Ceylonese-style stupa believed to contain relics of the Lord Buddha. The large stupa stands on a three-tiered square base. The lower base has a small chedi at each of the four corners. The third tier of the base has a niche on each of the four sides that are assumed to have been restored afterwards.

The temple is about 3 kilometers from the city of Uttaradit via Highway No. 102. Coming from town, WatPhraBorommathatThung Yang will be on the left-hand side.

The temple is open daily 6.00 am–5.00 pm.



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