Wat Photharam (Wat Luangpho Phra Yai) Temple
Wat Photharam (Wat Luangpho Phra Yai)


06.00 - 18.00

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Mu 5, Ban Tha Khrai, Tambon Bueng Kan, Amphoe Mueang, Bueng Kan



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Wat Photharam enshrines a Buddha image of Luangpho Phra Yai, which the locals of Bueng Kan also hold a festival for twice a year. After Songkran festival, there’s also a tradition of offering Prasart Phueng (wax castle) and bathing Luangpho Phra Yai. People often come to pay homage for prosperity, success in their career and safety by using flowers, joss sticks, candles, Bang Fai (traditional rockets) and Talai (another firework). Only men are allowed to pray in the ubosot while women pray at the front door.



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